Our Frequently Asked Questions & Terms and Conditions

General Band Info

Zain’s all-inclusive package includes premium alcoholic & non-alcoholic drink, meals, security, & of course your costume. 

Zain Carnival offers but is not limited to:

  • Breakfast and Lunch Catering Carnival Sunday 
  • Premium Bar Offerings
  • Live Music (various DJs)
  • Breakfast on Carnival Sunday 
  • Rest Stop
  • Security
  • Branded Zain Cup
  • Specialty Goodie Bag
  • Lollees & Alcoholic Sno-cones
  • Standby Medic

For more details on the Premium Ultimate Tobago Mas Experience please visit [email protected].

We’re happy to assist you! Send us an email via [email protected]

Yes, All patrons must be over 18 years, the legal drinking age in Trinidad and Tobago

We are pleased to recommend you to our preferred list of Hoteliers and Car rentals. For your convenience we will provide links to both Caribbean Airlines and the TT Ferry Service on our home page.

Please send any comments to [email protected] or via our feedback form at www.zaincarnival.com.

Send an email to [email protected] requesting to be added to the mailing list or persons can subscribe via our website www.zaincarnival.com.


Zain offers a limited number of costumes for registration, based on availability. 

Please go to our website or email us at [email protected] for registration and more details.

Zain’s costume registration generally takes place within one week after our Band Launch.  Please visit our website for regular updates on dates for registration.

To register, you need the following information:

Size Information:

Ladies: Wire Bra (A, B, C, etc)
Underwire Bra: (32 A, B, C, etc)
Bottom Piece: Size (S, M, L, etc)
Bust Measurement (in inches)
Waist Measurement (in inches)
Hip Measurement (in inches)
Ladies: Bottom Piece Option (Thong, High-waist, Cheeky)
Men: Waist Size (in inches)

50% downpayment is required for all costume registrations. 

Always register through a Zain Committee Member or via www.zaincarnival.com to ensure that your registration is valid.

Please send an email to [email protected] for information on individual costumes.

Please email the Mas Camp at [email protected] for information on extra piece/s.

Costume Information

Check out our costume gallery on our website!

Zain accepts cash via our committee members, and credit card on our website. Cheques are NOT accepted for payment.

Your 50% deposit must be paid upon registration, otherwise your order will be incomplete and cancelled within ten days of registering. 

Costumes must be paid in full prior to collection. This can be done with cash via committee member, online using a credit card, or during distribution (cash & debit only).

To transfer a costume to your name, you must have written authorization and copies of the original costume holder’s ID as well as their registration number.

  • Copy of costume holder’s ID
  • Costume holder’s Registration Number
  • Letter of authorization from Costume Holder

Our costume distribution schedule will be emailed to all masqueraders,

posted to our website and advertised on our social media accounts in the weeks leading up to Carnival.

Zain offers priority collection for masqueraders who have paid in full for their costumes.

You can collect your costume on any day after your designated date, however priority is given to persons collecting on their designated day.

Our costumes are made based on measurements provided during the registration process so please ensure that these are accurate.

Unfortunately,  Zain does not allow masqueraders to design their own costumes.

Road Details

Be sure to check your masquerader guide for specifics!

The time would be published in the Zainite guide.

Zain offers a variety of the best Soca DJs with different styles to appeal to every masquerader. 

Section lineup is published in the Zainites Guide which masqueraders receive at costume distribution. 

Section lineup is based on a variety of factors and hence cannot be determined at the time of registration.

Zain only allows paying masqueraders to jump in the band.  Non-masqueraders may observe from the sidelines outside the band, however they will not be allowed to participate.

Zain Carnival will not provide refunds for Masqueraders who have tested positive prior to Carnival Sunday. Furthermore, masqueraders are asked to refrain from festivities if they suspect they may be exposed. 

Zain Carnival will not be held responsible for any Masqueraders who may become exposed to COVID-19 while playing with us. Each masquerader is responsible for their own personal health and should exercise the necessary precautions whilst participating.


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