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“Zain Carnival is The Ultimate Premium Tobago Mas Experience”

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About Zain Carnival

In 2019, Zain Carnival introduced a higher quality of mas which took Tobago by storm. What started as just an idea between two creative minds and their teams, evolved into what Zain is today. Zain has created a Carnival Experience that perfectly marries the elements of mas and revelry with that of relaxation and safety in Tobago. Offering the ultimate-Premium Mas Experience that is novel to the Tobago community.

Zain Carnival prides itself by being first and foremost customer-centred and service oriented. We offer our Zainites a safe and hassle-free environment; from registration to the road, with affordable all-inclusive packages and beautifully themed costumes.

– Intimate band size – plenty room to wine

– Easy bar access and liquor cyah done!

– Security has everything on lock- the only care you have is to enjoy yourself to the max

– Rest stop location exclusive to Zanities

In the years to come we expect the upward positive growth to continue; more vibes, more value and more safety. Zain believes that we are The Ultimate Premium Mas Experience of Tobago; a one-stop hub for “Revel and Relax”.

Est. 2019

Our Story

Zain Carnival was crafted out of a desire to elevate the Mas Experience for the Tobago masquerader by introducing the first Ultra-Premium Mas band.

This concept was brought to life with the collaborative efforts of our team with the 2019 presentation ‘Birds of Paradise,’ followed by our 2020 presentation ‘A Ma Mere.’

From Monday Night Mas to Pretty Mas on Tuesday, we gave our Zainites the opportunity to freely engage in their “worst behaviour” along the Scarborough strip.

In 2022, we will be the only Ultimate-Premium mas experience for Tobago’s first Carnival separate to Trinidad. Imagine jamming to the sweet, rhythmic sounds of Soca music both past and present with drinks in hand while the cool breeze of the Atlantic Ocean blows past your sun kissed body.

We aim for the upward positive growth of the band by staying true and focused to our brand by maintaining our high standards, quality, and keeping a pulse on masqueraders feedback. We always try to exceed the expectations of our Zainites by going above and beyond.

We try to constantly execute innovative and fresh ideas to keep the vibes of the band to attract a wider audience making Tobago a choice carnival destination.

The Team
Sabrina Seurio – Band Leader
Erlan Clarke – Band Leader
Vanessa Boyce – Administrative
Jasiyah Ibrahim – Logistics
Farisai Spencer – Operations